We Are The Most Outstanding Digital Marketing Agency For Detailing Business Owners!

We offer a full range of marketing services for detailers, from Website Development, SEO, Ad Management and more. With our marketing team’s extensive experience in the detailing industry, we are ready to grow your Auto Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Window Tinting, Paint Protection Film, Wrap or Mobile Detailing Business.

We are Detailers, owning over 20 detailing locations, a training academy that has trained over 600 students and we have a full stack in-house marketing team consisting of 28 experienced staff.

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How To Grow Your Detailing Business With Detailers Movement

Detailers Movement is the ultimate solution for auto detailers looking to expand their business without stress. We offer effective solutions such as Proven SEO Strategies, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Marketing Toolkits, Social Media Strategies and Website and Social Templates to help your detailing business attract new clients. 

Increasing Website Traffic

To attract customers seeking auto detailing and protection packages and to rank higher vs local competitors on search engines is crucial. Enhancing website content and targeting keywords related to your core services such as Ceramic Coating or PPF increases visibility and encourages potential customers to click, leading to more traffic and business growth.

Optimizing Mobile Performance

A mobile-optimized website is essential for car detailers to drive customer visits and convert prospects into clients. With customers predominantly using their phones to search for services on the go, your website must be mobile-friendly and prominently showcase vital information like contact details, reviews, and service details. Our custom PPF and Tint simulators are perfect for attracting high-ticket clients.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Our services enhance customer satisfaction for car detailing businesses by providing easy access to information, seamless online booking, personalized communication, and targeted promotions. It increases engagement, leading to more satisfied customers and a better reputation locally as the best detailer in town.

We Help You To Dominate Locally

We offer an effective range of scalable and affordable web development, SEO and marketing solutions for your detailing business, so you don’t overpay for something you don’t need. We only work in the detailing niche and have done so since 2015.

We build the fastest, most optimized websites for detailers, window tinters, paint protection film installers and product resellers using the WordPress or Shopify Platform, no copied themes, a customized and unique site for your business, fast, optimized and ready to rank.

Trusted by Over 100 Detailing Businesses

We have worked with over 100 detailing business owners in USA, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, UK and Canada.


SEO has one of the highest returns of investment for the Detailing Industry, alongside our growth strategies, it is our most powerful service getting your business ranked ahead of your competitors on both maps and search engines.


Capture the attention of potential customers exploring auto detailing services on Google or Maps. Partner with us to enhance your website, as it often serves as their initial encounter with your business. Let us help you make a strong and lasting impression from the very start and dominate in your local market.



SEO is the cornerstone of digital marketing, focusing on improving your car detailing website’s search engine ranking and generating traffic and leads. It’s a multi-step process that optimizes your online presence for greater visibility on SERPs.



Website Theme

A website theme built for detailers creates a user-friendly and attractive website that entices and converts your target detailing customers. Our custom themes are built to convert and close high ticket service customers.


Social Media

Social media comprises of popular networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and more, with billions of active users. Promoting your detailing business on these platforms can significantly enhance your brand’s exposure and accelerate growth.

Social Media


Google Ads, Facebook Ads

Google and Facebook ads are invaluable tools for detailers to attract high-quality clients. By leveraging these platforms, detailers can precisely target their ideal audience, increase brand visibility, and generate solid leads, leading to a steady stream of loyal and profitable customers.


Marketing Toolkit

You will receive access to our huge selection of editable templates designed for the detailing, window tinting, wrapping and paint protection industry – over 500 editable templates. These will build your brand awareness very fast on your social platforms. Updated Quarterly.

Look at What Our Customers Have To Say!

Discover how leading brands utilize Detailers Movement to scale and elevate their marketing campaigns successfully.

'We could not have asked for a more supportive marketing team'

The guys at Detailers Movement are fantastic, very transparent and honest and in 6 months they have transformed our business – flooding our team with coating and PPF leads.

The quality of their work is outstanding, super fast and efficient in their communication and most importantly – they deliver on everything they promise to do – reporting is so good and relevant! So grateful to have the team behind our business and driving leads daily!

'Ed and his crew have been absolutely AMAZING to work with'

The last guy I worked with did absolutely no SEO work or anything so even though my site looked okay, it was not performing whatsoever. The crew here are 1000% transparent about what they are going to do, send weekly reports and are on top of their game!

I could not ask for more! The traffic to my site has increased greatly and the content on the website is totally improved. I give these guys 10 Stars! You won’t be disappointed.


'As a Ceramic Pro Installer - I could not be happier with what they have done'

Completely reset my online presence and pointed it in the right direction – calendar is full up non-stop now with coating jobs!
The team at DM went and repaired my website and then every online search engine was optimized.

I see monthly reports and get to watch the progress. I’m already receiving better leads and less tire kickers. Worth every penny spent and they are 100% transparent. Must have for someone serious about growth.


Checkout some of our recent website builds. We can customize any website style you require.

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After you choose your template, we will follow 5 steps below to work and deliver the best website for you within 14 days


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Want To Learn More About Our Marketing Packages?

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You got questions? We have answers

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions

No, we do not request that you have a brand new website to work with us in SEO and Growth. However, if your website is not suitable to rank you effectively we will offer to build one for you to ensure you get the best results out of the marketing package at no cost.

This varies considerably depending on many factors; where you are located, how is your website, online presence, local citations, how strong your local competitors are in their own marketing, etc. Our clients usually start to see good results in terms of traffic, keywords ranking, local map pack ranking and lead generation within 3-4 months.

If we are currently working with one of your competitors within a 30km radius, we will be unable to work with your company. We do not work with multiple companies within the same areas. We are not the only detailing marketing company who does great work, so if we are already working with someone in your area, we can recommend another company to help you.

If you purchase one of our website packages, that website will belong to you. If you purchase an SEO package any content, SEO strategies we put in place on your website (blog postings etc) will belong to you once we have completed our contract.

There is nothing normal about our team – we have been detailers since 2015, we own more than 24 detailing centres in Vietnam. We also have a dedicated Detailing Training Academy, have trained over 600 students since 2018. We manufacture our own chemicals and PPF and our in-house marketing team of 28 experienced SEO and Marketing Executives have been working in the detailing niche since 2016.

We can make calls to your customers and support you with a sales team, answering messages on Facebook, Instagram, Google and booking calls for your team to close them. We personally spend over $10,000 a month on Facebook, Google and ads on other platforms and have handled over $300k ad spend since 2015.


Complete the form and contact us about how we can assist, and we’ll promptly respond to your inquiry. Our in-house team of twenty-four includes specialists in search engine optimization, graphic design, full-stack development, social media marketing, and advertising.
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