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About Ed Bews

Ed Bews, the Founder of Detailers Movement, brings with him 16 years of extensive experience in the auto detailing industry in South East Asia. A British entrepreneur residing in Vietnam since 2008, Ed has exhibited a fervent passion for advancing the automotive detailing sector.


From his base in Vietnam, he has diligently worked towards establishing a network of car care and auto detailing protection centers, with brands like Vietnam Car Care, Car Care Centre, and Car Wash Centre, now operating across more than 25 centers in major Vietnamese cities.

Ed’s commitment extends to the Detailing Training Academy, an institution he established in 2017. The academy offers a comprehensive training system covering Detailing, Paint Correction, Ceramic Coatings, Window Tint, and Paint Protection Film.

Implementing proven training methodologies from the UK, the academy has successfully trained over 1000 students.

Beyond education, Ed has ventured into the development of a private label car care product and tool range since 2017, branded as CCC NEXT GEN. This range encompasses cleaning chemicals, tools, towels, and Paint Protection Film and Window Tint products. With global distribution networks across USA, UK, Australia and Asia, the CCC Next Gen brand is growing incredibly fast.

Collaborating with German and UK partners, Ed has prioritized sustainability and eco-friendliness in the creation of this product range.

Ed Bews envisions the growth and enhancement of the auto detailing and protection industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. This vision is evident not only in his business ventures but also in the Detailing Training Academy, where he aspires to inspire and equip young Vietnamese individuals for careers in automotive detailing.


In 2020, Ed expanded his reach by launching Detailers Movement International, a specialized digital marketing agency catering to auto detailers and film installers worldwide. 

With a team of over 30 marketing professionals focusing on web development, SEO, PPC Ads, design, video production, and more, Ed has established a professional agency dedicated to supporting global auto detailers.

Ed’s unwavering dedication to excellence has translated into the satisfaction of numerous clients. His professional teams consistently deliver high-caliber services in SEO, web design, ad management, and social management, aiming not just to meet but to surpass expectations for auto detailing businesses worldwide.

Ed Bews’s entrepreneurial journey in South East Asia stands as a testament to his commitment, passion, and vision for the future of the automotive detailing industry in Southeast Asia.

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Ed Bews: A Visionary Leader

Industry Expertise

Owning over 20 detailing locations and a training academy that has shaped the skills of over 600 students, I bring a unique perspective to the detailing business. My passion lies in understanding the industry's intricacies, and Detailers Movement reflects that commitment.

Proven Track Record

Our success stories echo in the satisfaction of clients and the consistent growth of their businesses. Let's embark on a journey where your detailing business achieves new heights.

Dedication to Growth

Whether you specialize in Auto Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Window Tinting, Paint Protection Film, Wrap, or Mobile Detailing, Detailers Movement is dedicated to fostering the growth of your business.

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Let’s Transform Your Detailing Business
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